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Public lighting, urban and industrial

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Company detail

  • Founder: Michel Poget
  • Founded in: 2012
  • Location: Romanel-sur-Morges
  • Sector: Urban lighting/industrial

Our history

I founded the company ”SMP Électromécanique” who is at your service for now 30 years, in the maintenance, and repair supply of bulbs. Feeling close to energy saving, durability and recyclability, I created in parallel company ”SMPower Sàrl” in 2012 to provide effective solutions in public lighting, in particular through the provision of equipment high quality LED.

Companies ”SMPower Sàrl” and ”SMP Électromécanique” has today more than a dozen employees at your service.

Michel Poget

 The company "SMPower Sàrl" is in the process of validating ISO 9001